Press-in engineering technique is now commonly employed in many countries to install sheet pile retaining structures, coastal protection facilities and other structures reducing noise, vibration, and time. In some cases, pipe piles have been installed by means of press-in technique for the foundations to support the buildings. The inaugural Press-in Engineering Conference (ICPE2018) was successfully completed in Kochi, Japan in September 2018, and the Second Conference (ICPE2021) was also successfully held receiving many positive feedbacks. Each of the above conferences attracted several hundred participants. As press-in technique is also commonly employed in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries, Singapore is going to host the third international conference ICPE2024 from 3 to 5 July 2024.

Besides traditional press-in techniques, the latest development is to employ press-in technique in order to achieve carbon neutrality, environmental protection and tackling climate change issues such as protection against rising sea levels. Construction cases of the applications, which have been already constructed, are under construction or under planning, include those in the Netherlands, Egypt, Senegal, Australia, India, and the Philippines etc. As such, the theme of ICPE2024 is ‘Superiority of Press-in Piling towards Sustainable Construction in Tackling Climate Change for Infrastructure Development’. In fact, ICPE2021 already held special sessions on disaster prevention and mediation and this and other related topics relevant to the conference theme will be further expanded in the course of keynote lectures presenting the latest know-how on the topics to be presented in ICPE2024. It is intended that Bulletin 2 of the conference with the details of keynote/invited lectures, conference venue and registration as well as accommodation information will be released by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Prof. Chun Fai Leung

Chair of Organizing Committee, President of IPA